2017-05-03 - Clinical Assessment of Vestibular and Balance Function in Children (formation en salle)


Mercredi, 3 mai 2017

Université de Montréal
École d'orthophonie et d'audiologie
Pavillon 7077 avenue du Parc
Montréal, Qc
H3C 3J7


Sharon Cushing


The assessment of vestibular and balance dysfunction in the paediatric population can be a daunting task. The current workshop will review the current clinical tools available for measuring both vestibular and balance function in children. It will focus on the specific adaptations required for successful testing in this population. The workshop will review both the methods of gold standard vestibular end organ testing as well a number of screening tools that can be applied in any child in the busy clinical setting. Most importantly the clinical populations to which such an assessment is relevant will be reviewed. Specifically, the prevalence of characteristics of vestibular and balance dysfunction in children with sensorineural hearing loss, those receiving ototoxic medications and those presenting with vertigo will be explored.


  1. To review the clinical paediatric populations at risk of vestibular and balance dysfunction.
  2. To outline and demonstrate the clinical assessment tools required to carry out an assessment of vestibular and balance function in children of variety of ages.
  3. To review and demonstrate the ancillary tests that can be utilized to specifically assess vestibular and organic function.
  4. To outline a screening protocol to quickly and efficiently identify children at risk of vestibular impairment who require more thorough evaluation.


This workshop will be in the format of a didactive but interactive lecture. The transfer of the information to develop the clinical techniques for the assessment of vestibular and balance disorders will be video based with paediatric subjects. Questions, comments and requests for clarification will be welcomed.


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